Friday, April 14, 2006

Yes, there is literal blood on his hands...

Not only did Rumsfeld know of the abuse of detainees--which he's denied--but now Salon's Mark Scherer is reporting that he was "personally involved":

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was personally involved in the late 2002 interrogation of a high-value al-Qaida detainee known in intelligence circles as "the 20th hijacker." He also communicated weekly with the man in charge of the interrogation, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, the controversial commander of the Guantánamo Bay detention center. During the same period, detainee Mohammed al-Kahtani suffered from what Army investigators have called "degrading and abusive" treatment by soldiers who were following the interrogation plan Rumsfeld had approved. Kahtani was forced to stand naked in front of a female interrogator, was accused of being a homosexual, and was forced to wear women's underwear and to perform "dog tricks" on a leash. He received 18-to-20-hour interrogations during 48 of 54 days.

Delta Force vet Eric Hines said it simply and best:
The only reason somebody tortures is because they like it.
Jesus. These people are true psychopaths. They don't just enable torture--they participate themselves.

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