Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Researchers Probe Ghost Sightings on Ship

Mystic, Connecticut.

At Mystic Seaport Museum, my old stomping grounds, 3 different groups of people touring below-decks on the whaler Charles W Morgan see a pipe-smoking man in 19th-century garb who nods at but does not speak to them. Museum officials insist no-one was below at the time. Paranormal experts now investigating.

I grew up in Marblehead, Massachusetts, folks-founded in 1629 by the foul-mouthed fishermen and disreputables who later crewed the first ships of the US Navy and who saved George Washington's ass and army by schlepping both across the ice-laden Delaware in December, 1776.

Across the harbor from Salem, Massachusetts, where they crushed young girls to death as "witches."

There's 400 years of history in my home town and a lot of houses still standing that have been there just as long--and there are places and houses I sure wouldn't visit overnight.

I don't have to believe or not believe in ghosts--but if there is anywhere I think past persons have present echoes, it's there.

You best believe those folks on the Morgan weren't "imagining things."

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