Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sergeant Caviness, we're tired of your BULLSHIT

Denise Grier of DeKalb County GA was ticketed by Sergeant R.S. Caviness for sporting a bumper sticker on her truck which read "I'm tired of all the BUSH--". The department claimed that Caviness had cited Grier under an old law against lewd displays. No one from the department has been able to explain why the good sergeant would have cited a driver for a law that was rescinded in 1990, two years before he even became a cop. Not to mention the fact that it's NOT A LEWDITY. Somebody needs to teach the Sergeant about the letter "L."

Look, let's be honest, here. We had a redneck cop who thought he could mess up the day of a "liberal" who had the temerity to express something derogatory about the Preznit. Grier herself called bullshit on the "legal" excuse: "The officer pulled me over because he didn't agree with my politics."

Somebody oughta explain to DeKalb County that, even in Bush's America, you can't ticket people for opinions. Not that they won't try.

I hope she's sues the County's ass blind. They're already stupid.

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