Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rumsfeld the chickenhawk, whose ego kills grunts...

Major General Charles Swannack (82nd Airborne) says

"Specifically, I feel he has micromanaged the generals who are leading our forces there," Swannack said in the telephone interview. And I believe he has culpability associated with the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and, so, rather than admitting these mistakes, he continually justifies them to the press ... and that really disallows him from moving our strategy forward."
He also makes it clear that Rumsfeld has promoted yes-men as generals who share his contemptible willingness to advance their careers by supporting strategies that kill soldiers unnecessarily.

He joins Anthony Zinni (2 tours Vietnam, operations & tactics instructor at Quantico), Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton , Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Gregory Newbold, former Marine Jack Murtha, WWII dogface Albert Sobol, Delta top sergeant Eric Haney, and hundreds of other combat soldiers who believes that Rumsfield neither knows nor cares about the reality of any war on the ground.

Rumsfeld is a chickenhawk, a theoretician, a liar, a civilian, and an egomaniac. He has no business serving at Defense, and he insults career soldiers and kills kids every time he gives an order or fakes a statistic.

Even more brutal condemnation of Rummy on NYT site. Look at the faces and the service records of the six generals who are now calling for his ouster. No matter how much Cokie Roberts pandered to his "toughness"--these are the soldiers who know how much he's full of shit.

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Lauren said...

Too many people dead.....too many friends. They deserve better than being blown up in Balad, Iraq. They deserve better than Rumsfield's lies, and the cowards who support them. Courage to the voices who would be silenced. We'll get those bastards eventually.