Thursday, April 13, 2006

Another avocation that seems more fascinating than its reality...

1923 Ford TT truck.

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(Owned by
William Gabriel of Holliston, MA; photo courtesy of Model T Ford Club of America)

Another ill-advised fascination. But, no less practical than a bicycle or a treadle sewing machine (both of which, be it said, require little or no fossil fuels, do their required job with great economy, and are beautiful in their elegant simplicity). My younger brother collects push-lawnmowers, for precisely the same reason--but he's got 4000 square feet of shop space, mechanical aptitude, and patience...all of which I lack. Seems fascinating from a distance, but up close it would surely raise my blood pressure and lower my life expectancy.

Down, boy, down!

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Anonymous said...

As one who grew up a mechanic's son, I would second that assessment. I have always fantasized about being the one who discovered such a truck covered by debris in some long forgotten barn, abandoned by its owners long ago...and being able to talk the present land owners into letting me take it for a song....but then what? The hours of trying to loosen rusted bolts only to have them shear off...and then having to drill them think you are right. Self preservation demands that I leave it where it be admired, but not owned.