Saturday, April 15, 2006

Penn State College Republicans: WATB

Penn State College Republicans propose a "Catch an Illegal Alien" game and then whine when they are castigated for the idea:

"You have to be creative to get students to listen to you," sophomore Chuck Knight wrote in a letter to the editor published recently in the student newspaper, The Daily Collegian. "For that matter, you have to be creative anytime you are trying to raise concern about something."
OK, Chuck. So here's a creative idea: let's paint a picture of the typical College Republican:
  • Marketing, business, communications, or public-policy major
  • Is not paying for his own schooling
  • Did not pay for his own car
  • Moves, dresses, speaks, studies, and thinks in packs
  • Thinks that the only wrong part of cheating is getting caught
  • Looks on former College Republicans like Ralph Reed and Nixon's ratfuckers as role models
  • Uses college experience primarily as a means of padding resume (with bullshit "activities" and generic classes) and making contacts
  • Kowtows to authority
  • Turns off brain any time politics arises, mouthing platitudinous truisms that Dad and Mom (no great thinkers themselves) have drummed into him
What? It's an exaggeration? No, Chuck, it's "creative"; to "get your attention."

I'm suprised they didn't propose a paintball safari. This is what happens when PAC's and other biasing agencies recruit adolescents to promulgate political beliefs they don't understand on college campuses. And it's been going on since the 1980s at latest: see the persecutions of African-American professor Bill Cole and many others on the Dartmouth campus--a seedbed for these College Republican punks.

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