Sunday, April 16, 2006

Another combat soldier outs the Chickenhawks: "I will never trust any of them again"

Christopher Sheppard was a Marine captain in Iraq serving with the combat engineers--the bravest of the brave, the guys who go out onto "hot" roads or into unknown buildings to find the IED's before the IED's find the grunts following up behind--and he has joined the other brave vets outing the Chickenhawks, from the draft-dodgers Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld on down the line, in a special to the Times:

I now know I wrongfully placed my faith and trust in a presidential administration hopelessly mired in incompetence, hubris and a lack of accountability. It planned a war based on false intelligence and unrealistic assumptions. It has strategically surrendered the condition of victory in Iraq to people who do not share our vision, values or interests. The Bush administration has proven successful at only one thing in Iraq — painting us into a corner with no feasible exit.
I will never trust any of them again.
Thank you, Captain. It took more guts than are found in the entire Bush administration for you to speak out like this, and the nation is in your debt.


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