Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Norbizness deploys a much-deserved smackdown on Hizzoner the Mayor of Nine-Eleven--the man who has cited his "heroism" on that day in every speech he has ever given, while at the same time denying responsibility for bad decisions before, and criminal neglect of first-responders after, that day. There is a reason that the NYC firefighters and NYPD campaigned ferociously against Giuliani getting the nomination.

And now the war criminals, thieves, and oligarchs who head the RNC have selected him for the keynote of their pathetic convention. Well, Norbiz ain't buyin':

Have fun with this, you pasty collection of plutocratic, warmongering dirtballs. Maybe in 2012 you can complete your transformation by having the convention at a gender-, race-, and ethnicity-restricted orbiting country club owned by ExxonMobil with very special keynote speaker Michael Savage (who delivers it via satellite from a lower-orbiting station for Jews).
Fuckin' A. I lived in Manhattan. I know Giuliani. He's scum.

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