Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick hit: Morning smoothie

No time to post today (on-duty starts Monday), so here's a quick-hit placeholder: Dr Coyote's Magic-Elixir Morning Smoothie and Energy Blaster:

Combine in a blender:

1 cup ice;

1 to 1.5 cold green tea (I'm addicted, I admit, to Arizona Green Tea with ginseng and honey);

1 to 1.5 cup plain (unflavored) yogurt

any kind of fruit: ripe peach, ripe (or overripe) banana (but avoid citrus unless you're a "with pulp" person);

a good squeeze of lemon;

powdered ginger

Blend 'til smooth.

[vegan alternative: omit the yogurt]


  • The lemon, ginger, caffeine, and ginseng provide a good wakeup jolt;
  • Gets a couple of adult-minimum-daily-requirements portions fruits & vegetables into you;
  • Provides a shot of quick-burning sugars for workout or wakeup energy.
Gotta run!

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