Thursday, August 21, 2008

The breaking point

This campaign just ended. I don't care that the polls have McCain closing the gap with Obama. Yesterday, McCain, when asked, could not remember how many homes he owns; actual quote "I'll have to check with my staff."

We are in a housing/mortgage and energy crisis; tens of thousands of people are losing their homes and jobs. And this man whose campaign has tried to point Obama, the former college professor and community organizer, as "elitist," cannot remember how many homes he owns.

In point of fact, the Obama ad below low-balls the number. It's not seven homes.

It's ten.

This date, 8/21/08, is the tipping point of the 2008 campaign. McCain finally just stepped in the shit in just the right way, and the Obama campaign knows it. They smell the blood in the water, and it's now, finally, the street-fight necessary to defeat the fascist machine.

They started the shit. It's time to end it.

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