Friday, August 22, 2008

Day -01 "In the trenches" (Round II edition)

T-minus 1.

Flat ran out of today: auditions, college convocation, pre-semester class prep. But a nice pub session--always nice to have an existing social event to which you can invite the new faculty, concretizing everything we claim about collegiality and the degree to which we look out for each other, and where, in our parallel universe, musicians drink for free. And a huge relief to have the new people housed in comfortable and proximate digs.

Tomorrow brings day-long orientation for a new part of my weekly calendar--the university's formal mentoring program, pairing faculty/staff members with incoming new students who've requested a little extra boost and "big brothering."

Don't know if this is true of all American males who reach a certain age (49) and level of professional accomplishment--but I'm looking forward to helping some young man get jump-started into his college life.

More tomorrow.

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