Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Impeccable imagery

I'm not a political scientist or a rhetoritician but I can recognize an impeccably-apt and rich metaphor when somebody turns one--this time, DoverBitch about how the fundamental laziness, nauseating ego-centrism, and virtually utter co-optation of inside-the-Beltway reporting (RobertsMatthewsWallaceCarvilleKristolBlitzerDowd and the whole disgusting rest of them) is always incomplete, inaccurate, and misleading:

But, as Digby wrote this morning, the media narrative is like a piece of Ikea furniture. The holes are already drilled, the dowels already measured out and there's only one way to put it together, no matter how painful it is to assemble it into its catalog-photo orientation. And in the end, of course, there are obviously a few screws loose.

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