Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 05 (Round II) "In the trenches" (quick hit)

No time to comment at length today, though I may come back and try to expand, maybe after tonight's pub session. First Friday of the semester, including Friday Shout-Out (have to teach the kiddos how to really scream their cathartic guts out, so they'll actually relax and focus enough to hack the last 50 minutes before a 3-day weekend). Boss's "welcome back" party for faculty this evening, where he always makes sure the red wine is drinkable and copious and there's lots 'n' lots of interaction between old and new faculty--plus spouses and kids and significant others. We're welcoming at least 5 new faculty, which means between 12-18 people joining the SOM family, and there's a very old incantatory vibe he manages to get going. We're going to be on this journey together for a very long time (tenure's a bitch) and he knows that everything, from committee work to collaboration to faculty parties to student mentoring, is going to go a lot better if we all get along with each other. For anywhere between the next 5 and 15 years. So investing in a couple of cases of decent wine now, and risking his wife's new rugs now, is probably a cost-effective move for the future.

Pub session before that. Teaching session over the weekend.

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