Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick hit: FZ

Boy do I miss Zappa. Today, it's because of the great moment in the live version (from Zappa in New York) biker-themed "T*tties & Beer," a brilliant parody of Stravinsky's L'histoire du Soldat, where FZ as himself and drummer Terry Bozzio (as "Da Devil") negotiate the price of Zappa's soul:

TB: "Wait a minute...a tinge of doubt crosses my mind...when you say...that you want to make a deal with me..."

FZ: "That's very, very true"

TB: "Yeah, ain't s'posed to want to make a deal with me."

FZ: "I'm only interested in two things; see if you can guess what they are"...

TB: "Big-tittie chick you just had out here with the camera..."

FZ: [interrupts] Listen to me, O Devil"

TB: "Uh-huh"

FZ: "I'm only interested in two things."

FZ: "I would think...uh...let's see, maybe Stravinsky..."
Best moment: Terry's absolutely impeccable, flat-affect delivery of the "Uh-huh."

Second-best moment: when the Devil acknowledges that somebody who so much doesn't believe is probably an even greater threat than "Milhous Nixon or Agnew too."

[NB for the feminist perspective: the gender-inappropriate language in title and text is the Biker speaking--not FZ himself]
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