Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Repug-Watch: Comin' into your grille, Rudy

LowerManhattanite lays an old-school New York ass-whipping on "America's Mayor", "Mr 9/11" (only a hero if you weren't from New York and didn't know what a vengeful authoritarian fascist asshole Giuliani has always been):

...he'd screwed over soooooo many people in his clambering to the top, that he was in effect standing on the still-warm bodies of those he'd used, and then callously discarded. Firefighters, educators, law-enforcement people, media folk, 9-11 survivors, and yes...his own ex-wife and kids. "Death of a thousand cuts" was the phrase that was thrown around as it seemed the long knives were coming out for Rudy. There was no special insight involved in sussing out what was coming not-so-far down the pike. If you lived in New York City, read the papers, or watched the news, knew a municipal union member, or quite simply...was Black, you knew all too well about Giuliani's dirt-doing, and that certain interested folks were looking to shank him pretty badly.
It's brilliant, scabrous, brutal, and hilarious. And Giuliani deserves it.

I remember when he was US Attorney, and then became Mayor, and I remember how he reacted everytime his cops rammed a broomstick up some guy's ass, or poured 41 slugs into an innocent man in his mother's doorway (see Springsteen's brilliant song "41 Shots", which got him instantly hung in effigy by the NYC cops who should know how much the Boss stands for them), or blew away some guy the cops were trying to buy crack from: in every one of those cases Giuliani blamed the victim, defended the cops, and screwed the public.

That's what he does. He'd have his chauffeur back a limo over his own mother for a nickel, or the Republican nomination.

And he's the front-runner. Ethics much, R's?

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