Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Repug-Watch: Mitt's core constituency

"I don't think Hillary Clinton could get elected president of France with her platform. France is moving toward us," Romney told voters at a senior citizens center."
Jesus, you fucking empty suit. Is that the best you got? Do you think you're going to convince anybody except that small subset of senior citizens who don't follow the disaster of the last six years? They're onto your oligarchic bullshit too, you fuck.

And let it be said--I think the majority of seniors, outside that shrinking group who form the panicky core of the Fox audience, known goddamned well what a disaster the R's have been, and are going to make themselves heard to great effect in Nov 2008.

Only a punk like Romney would try to play on uninformed old people's fears, like some con-man selling fake aluminum siding door-to-door.

What a tool.


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard that DD recording in 20 years and need to dig it up. Thanks for this blog entry. I remember how I felt when after I could finally play those two jigs, I poured myself a Guinness (bottled) had a sip and A.S. said, "Oho, so you think you're a real Irish fiddler now." It was like he'd punched me in the stomach. But it lit a fire under me as well.

CJS said...

Jesus, I *remember* that conversation--I guess I was there! I'd forgotten that--or blanked it out.