Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New feature: "The Office" (Workstation Series) 01

Inaugurating a new "keep self and work-habits honest" feature: at least once a day, I'll post a photo of the view from wherever I'm working. That way, if I'm not working on a given day, I've got nothin' to show for it.

Also plays to the fact that, while I think the typical webcam shot (drawn eyeglassed paleface, sickly underlit by LCD glow) is boring as shit, the view from somebody's workspace actually says a lot about them. Or it does about me: I have to be away from home (too-great proximity to fridge, TV, or nappable-couch) and from campus office (too-great proximity to students who might come by "visitin'", and who I seem to be congenitally unable to ignore).

Anyway, herewith: front table at the neighborhood coffeehouse, five minutes' walk from home, where there's a fast, free wireless connection, and where a number of the "100 Greats" posts have been initiated.

Back to work!

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