Friday, July 27, 2007

"The Office" (Workstation Series) 04

Back to the Hickok chair.

Pretty quiet in here today; lot of folks leaving town for post-Summer II holiday breaks.

The texts are, from top to bottom:

Mahar, Behind the Burnt Cork Mask
Strasbaugh, Black Like You
Sampson, Blacks in Blackface
(see yesterday's literature review)

Would have got farther through the Strasbaugh notes and transcription, but was waylaid by news of a new campus-wide initiative offering large grants-in-aid in support of:
  • "stimulat[ing] the generation of innovative new research efforts [demonstrating] academic merit, ingenuity and innovation"
  • "foster[ing] creativity"
  • "building large, multidisciplinary programs"
  • "introduc[ing] new, novel areas of academic activity"
Well, that's more-or-less got our name written all over it. So, at Boss's encouragement, Black Like You got suspended in favor of prose touting "innovation, ingenuity, innovation, creativity, multidisciplinarity, etc". In academia as in Watergate politics, we follow the money.

The banana is for potassium--welcome to your late '40s!

Back to work.

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