Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"The Office" (Workstation Series) 02

First things first. Same neighborhood coffee shop as #o1. Dharmonia and I live in one of the only walking neighborhoods in the whole city (Walkscore ranking of 66/100; see link), and this place, a former indie-film cinema, is close and has good coffee. And, miracle of miracles, they've got an acoustically-decent back room with which they're pretty generous. It's a pleasure giving 'em business.

View from a back-row table (call it the "Hickok syndrome": always prefer to sit with my back to a wall.

On the docket for the day: accordion article, blues-in-film article, both out the door. Another "100 Greats" post would be good, and I need to keep plugging away on the Antebellum minstrelsy project.

Get to work!

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