Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Help--via "Comments"--from "100 Greats" fans


Some of you have been kind enough to express positive reactions to the "100 Greats" project. In service of a future stage of that project (one that might even involve dead trees and radio waves), I wonder if I can enlist y'all's "hive-mind" editorial assistance? I'm looking for votes for "Top 5" 100 Greats posts (think of yourselves as participating in a virtual version of the "Top 5" arguments in Stephen Frears's hilarious High Fidelity).

Here's how it would work: if you're reading the "100 Greats" posts, and you read one you particularly like, would you send a note to that effect (just something like "One for the Top 5!") via the "Comment" function on that particular post? That way I'll have a reliable digital record of which posts the most people responded to most favorably.

You can get the complete set of "100 Greats" posts isolated from other Coyotebanjo material by clicking on this link, or on the "100 Greats" tag at the bottom of an individual post.

Many thanks!

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