Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"The Office" (Workstation series) 18 (Crazy-busy edition)

Everybody seems only now to have remembered that they have to go back to work in 2 weeks. I've been thinking about little else for the past 3 months--and I don't have to. Pushing so many bytes over email connection I'm surprised the wireless wires aren't glowing.

Bonus image (awkward reflection edition):
View from the top floor of the local branch of the super-giant-multi-national-banking-conglomerate where Dharmonia and I both bank and also produce radio. This top floor (looking south) also houses the university's Restaurant and Hotel Management program classroom, a full-function restaurant. Not the best food in town by a long shot, but this is typically a stop on the tour we give prospective faculty members, for three reasons:

  • It's damned near the tallest building for 200 miles--and even that 85 feet or so makes you feel a bit less like a flea on a griddle (also expands the horizon's distance to around 25 miles)
  • The student restaurant is close and quick (good for jammed-up interview weekends) and almost every accounting person on campus will accept a receipt-for-reimbursement without objection--which is by no means a foregone conclusion with almost any other establishment in town
  • We can take candidates down one end of the hall and introduce them to the top-notch staff at the local NPR affiliate--a significant quality-of-life consideration for the DFH's who are often our preferred arts candidates
  • You step out the elevators on this top floor and this is the view: to the south over Tech Terrace, where many faculty (including ourselves) live, and with a deceptively green landscape. Candidates typically say "Oh, so there are trees here! What a relief!" We refrain from making them aware that this is the only heavily-wooded neighborhood for, oh, say 300 miles, and that (if there were windows on the N, W, or E) this is the only wooded landscape you're likely to view.
God! More frickin' bidness emails. Gotta go.

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