Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chair, beeyatches!

As of 6:45am I was formally asked to become Chair of the Musicology Division, and accepted. This has been the plan (mine and the bosses') for a long time, ever since I was hired in 2000 with the mandate to "modernize the department"--and which I worked my ass off to accomplish, but it's a relief, a validation, and an inspiration to have the day finally arrive. I am proud of what we have accomplished and confident that we have laid the foundation for a great future.

I am grateful to Robert Peatty, and Robert Prins, and Joseph Dyer, and Marek Zebrowski, and Dianthe Myers-Spencer, and David Patterson, and David Baker, and Thomas Binkley, and J Peter Burkholder, and Jeff Magee, and the much-missed Austin Caswell (RIP), and Tom Mathiesen, and George Buelow, and the hundreds of others revered teachers who have shaped me and have given me what I know how to do.

I am humbled beyond measure, and grateful beyond words, for their generosity to me.
Now playing: Berrog├╝eto - Bailador (voc)


Roger Landes said...


mason brown said...

Congrats, Chris I wish you joy!

Banjosnake said...

Spectacular, my man. Get in there an' kick some asses! Way to go!

Kim Pineda said...

Apologies for the delay in saying CONGRATULATIONS!!!

It would be nice if the Hoosier weasels/suits would now kindly eat their crow (I'll be happy to deliver it) for not recognizing the face of modern musicology when it was in their own house.