Saturday, August 04, 2007

The fascist appeal of 24's Jack Bauer

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This is why, in the current climate, wingnuts love them the fascist fantasy of 24's adolescent "fight-terror-with-torture" model. Quoting Eric Lott on the urban 1840s:

“Disarticulations of hegemony accompany periods of extreme capitalist crisis, generating fresh repertoires of domination.” [Lott, Love and Theft, 70]
Betcher ass, you fascist mothers: your hegemony is being disarticulated, we are in a period of "extreme capitalist crisis," and your childish new "repertoires of domination" (cf 24) are no longer as opaque as you used to be able to count on. Anymore, we do see the Man Behind the Curtain.

And there's a war-crimes court in all y'all's futures.

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