Tuesday, July 01, 2008

...for all the shit he's caused:

San Francisco may name sewage treatment plant after Bush

FZ said it best:

Matt Groening: So how do you oppose these guys?

Frank Zappa: You want to know what they hate more than anything else in life? They can't stand for people not to take them seriously. If you laugh at them for an instant, it's just like - the devil walks in the room, right? And he goes, "I'm the Devil," and you take a fork and poke him in the belly, and the gas comes out, and he'll go twirling around the room like an unleashed balloon. That's the way these guys are. You can't laugh at them. They hate it, because they're so full of shit, they're so full of themselves that they just can't believe that people don't appreciate them for the grand, highly evolved creatures that they imagine themselves to be. They hate to be laughed at. If they weren't so fucking dangerous, it would be fun to laugh at them all the time, but sometimes you have to take into account how much damage they can do.
Here's a photo.

San Franciscans can sign the petition; democracy in action!

[h/t to Coop for the referral]

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