Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fuzzy people 37

There's a great passage in Robertson Davies's masterpiece The Lyre of Orpheus (which should be read by every person who has ever suffered through academic musical politics) in which the Romantic icon (Liszt lookalike, unapologetic elitist, conductor, and lesbian) Dr Gunilla Dahl-Soot says "I would spit on any man who does not have sentiment. Not "sentimentality"; sentiment."

I don't care that the following has a maudlin sentimental song sung by Whitney Houston as the soundtrack; the story itself is more proof--as if any more were needed--that animals are our brothers and sisters and that we should care for them.

Not kill them.

Thanks to the Rev for the "fuzzy people" appellation.

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Dharmonia said...

OK - I cried (and I even listened to it with the sound off.)