Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hillary is now officially my hero:

Given the heroin-strength egoism that is required to become an effective politician on the the national or international stage, it is (it must be) nearly impossible for someone who's sat at the Big Table to acknowledge that the times and the political environment have moved on and it's time to excuse oneself and depart. Bill Clinton--obviously--has been unable to do that, and so we've been treated to the spectacle of someone who was, at one time, the most skillful politician of his generation--and the best president we'd had since Carter (though six times as successful as Carter) dwindling into a caricature of the flesh-pressing egocentric cracker that his brother Roger always was.

Of the two, Hills is the class act: speaking to a largely-female group of her supporters, about moving-on and supporting Obama, she said this:

It is a process. It does take time for people to take a deep breath, to go forward. ... But anyone who voted for me has so much in common with those who voted for Barack. ... It is critical that we join forces. The Democratic Party is a family -- sometimes a dysfunctional family -- but it is a family. We care about what is going to happen to health care [and education], and in Afghanistan in Iraq. ... That work cannot be done if we do not have a Democratic president in the White House!"

As she wrapped up her remarks and began to introduce Obama, Clinton said, "this is the man -- this is the one -- we should be voting for. ... Do it for your children. Do it for your jobs. Do it for the education of future generations.

Jesus! Why couldn't she have been the 1990s "President Clinton"?!?

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