Wednesday, July 09, 2008

James Webb for Secretary of Defense

I'll vote in support of somebody who says this, for almost any office:

"[Let's say] you're somebody who's a working person in this country, trying to make a living, trying to put your kids through school," he said. "And you look at the people from both parties, and on the key issue [e.g., exploitation of lower economic classes by upper]--you really don't see a difference... This is where the Karl Rove era moved in. They've taken this group that you're talking about, they go after their fears. They go after the abortion issues. And what happens is because people don't see the difference on the issues that are really going to take care of them, then they decide alright, I'm going to vote on who's burning my flag and who's going to let gay people get married. We know all the issues: God, guns, guts, gays, abortion, flag."
That is the most succinct and trenchant description I have ever heard by a working politician of why poor people vote Republican. It is also the most accurate and damning condemnation of the strategic incompetence of Beltway Democrats.

Being rich didn't stop FDR from connecting with poor folks.

Scots wae hae.

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