Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not in our house

I was never that big a fan of Dikembe Mutombo (other than the fact that he had possibly the coolest name in the NBA), who I thought was a bit of a showboat and a crybaby both. But he did have absolutely great bit of get-in-the-opponents'-head business: as a defensive specialist, when he blocked a shot, he'd turn to the crowd and shake a finger and his head, signalling "not in my house" (e.g., "my defensive backcourt"). It was more than just showboating or even gamesmanship, though--it was a way of signalling, in the language used down on the corner and 'round the way, "hey, you can't get into my head in my own neighborhood or on my own court...this is what I do."

I thought of that today when this little bit of video-verite hit the internet: Obama greeting troops in a basketball court in Germany. Think all those beaming, applauding service-people ("and isn't it interesting, Buffy, that so many of those poor black and brown people choose to serve in the armed forces? They're so patriotic!") find him "presumptuous", or "patrician", or--let's be real, and use the word that the Rove disciples in McCain's campaign really intend all the low-information voters are thinking--"uppity"?

I don't. Or, as they say 'round the way, "I 'on't THINK so!"

Not in our house anymore, you bastards. After eight years of the Bush oligarchy, which has treated the armed services, the population--hell, the globe itself--like their own personal "ranch"--or plantation--not in our house.

Say hello to the next President of the United States. And oh, by the way? He's a black man with a law degree and an absolutely nuclear outside shot.


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