Friday, December 14, 2007

See it deh!

A-yi-hah, jamdung
See it deh, proposal done!

[paraphrasing the final lines of Michael Thelwell's great Jamaican novel The Harder They Come]

Color it gone: proposal for Ethnomusicology in Oils: William Sidney Mount and American Music's Creole Synthesis is out the door, one day in advance. On May 1 I targeted December 15 as a self-imposed deadline--the technical last day of my Fall 2007 sabbatical--for doing the reading, research, archival work, and writing necessary to complete a proposal to my target university publisher, whose Music in American Life series is the ideal home for the manuscript.

Package went out the door a little before 12noon MDT today.

DONE, baby!

I think I'll go have a couple of fingers of whiskey. And a nap.

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Kim Pineda said...

I hope you measured your two fingers vertically, and not horizontally . . .