Friday, December 07, 2007

"The Office" (workstation series) 78 (Dead Day edition)

Quick hit: "Dead Day" is the splendidly apposite local name for the no-classes day between end of semester and first day of Finals. For students, it's a chance to sleep until noon and then pull the first of the all-nighters they'll try to use to get them through and pass their final exams. For faculty, it's a chance to sleep until 7am and then spend the day working on one's own research--and so shall I.

Old friends in town for CD release weekend gigs, radio shows, and parties. Gotta work on final materials for Celtic Xmas, coming up next weekend.

Meantime: check out the new CD feature (airs and online tonight from 9pm).

8 days until proposal deadline.

Now playing: Brass Monkey - Dr Fausters Tumblers - The Night Of Trafalgar - Prince William

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