Saturday, December 08, 2007

"The Office" (workstation series) 79 (VMC weekend edition)

Another quick hit: weather's turned cold (shift to the Great Plains Blue Northers), old friends in town to play for the CD release parties--gigs Thursday and last nights, another tomorrow afternoon, final rehearsals for Celtic Ensemble at Celtic Xmas, finalizing turning in grades (or, to be honest, mostly helping colleagues not on sabbatical get their grading done), toting PA systems, slow session to teach today.

I've ramped the political commentary 'way down on this blog, because it's too easy (and too depressing) to just run drive-by commentary on the insanity and criminality of the Bush administration. But that don't mean they're off my radar.

I am coming to believe that the magnitude of their crimes, including war crimes, torture, murder, trillion-dollar graft and corruption, and the intentional subversion of both the Constitution and the rule of law, will not be forgotten when--as I'm convinced--they lose another 25-35 seats in the House, 6-8 in the Senate, and the White House. I believe that, given for example Sheldon Whitehouse's recent revelations about the breadth and intentionality of the crimes, there will be criminal indictments. I believe that there is that much anger and that the crimes of sufficiently gross magnitude.

Celtic Xmas drops a week from today.

7 days to proposal deadline.

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