Sunday, December 16, 2007

Last duties 2007

Finished last duties of 2007 last night: Celtic Christmas went off without a hitch. After 6 years, most of the participants have multiple iterations under their belts, and know what's expected of them, and goes about the business of getting it done with a minimum of fuss or high-maintainence. Celtic Ensemble played like champs, guest artists gave their best, all the various dancers were great, we took in bunches of donations, sold 500 tickets and around 30 CD's, and got everybody out of the hall and safe home in the aftermath. A bunch of the kids came to our place for the after-party, and ate like locusts (fortunately, I know that about them and had prepared a ton of food in advance).

After we shooed them off home, old buddy Roger and I sat, talking through the minstrelsy project, and killing most of a bottle of Bushmills, until just before dawn. Hence the late start and the slow day.

Ringing out the old year, 'round here. If you're traveling be safe.

And be kind.

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