Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fuzzy people 25

Elsie the Island Dog.

Puerto Rico, like a lot of other poor places around the world, has a terrible stray - and - abandoned-animals problem (kind of like their "stray - and - abandoned - kids" problems: it's one thing when your economy sucks, and you can't take care of your kids and animals--what's our North American excuse?). Old friends had recently lost their beloved Phoebe and realized that they were probably never going to "feel ready" for another pet, so they did exactly what you should do with such grief--turn it into positive karma.

Elsie's mostly labrador retriever (they think), though there might be some beagle there (they think), though there may be some pit bull or hound (they think) get the picture. One thing that happens to canines in undifferentiated and scavenging situations is that they do tend, genetically, back toward a kind of archetypal "small, lean, fast, smart" Ur-Dog. She's a little timid yet but smart as hell (heard the beep of my digital watch, recognized that it's very like the beep of the electrified collar that keeps her within the electric fence, and sneaked away out of range), and very affectionate.

More below the jump (and one of Punkin, Dharmonia's mom's kitty).

Home tomorrow. Thanks to the Rev for the "fuzzy people" appellation.

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