Saturday, October 13, 2007

"The Office" (Workstation series) 55 (sabbatical-jam edition)

Too danged much work to do for this to be a sabbatical. Something ain't working right. Dharmonia and I leave Wednesday AM for a gig in the Great Southeast (lecture, master-class, duo concert), returning on a 6AM flight and then the week after that for the discipline's Gathering of the Tribes, where among other things including crossing a border we have to talk to junior-post recruits and play Led Zepplin and Robert Johnson in the Saturday cabaret, before returning on a 6AM flight. And there's the CD release part(ies) schedule, and the Search Committee, and the 100 Study Abroad Scholarship applications to read (no way I'm going to opt out of helping give kids money to study abroad) and keeping track of various newly-minted faculty's first semester experiences, and teaching the various studio lessons for my trad-music specialists, and supervising the various Honors, Master's, and PhD research and thesis projects, and the Guest Artist coming in Oct 27, and the annual Celtic Christmas coming up, and running the Celtic Ensemble and its various gigs, and I have to get back to the "100 Greats" project.

I'm crunching away on research, and also keeping up with (too much of my) department business before I take over in January. But shit is starting to slip: I blew off a public-radio on-air volunteer stint this morning because I didn't get it into my planner and






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