Monday, October 08, 2007

"The Office" (Workstation series) 51 (scorched-earth + fuzzy people edition)

We're still reeling in the aftermath of the full-tilt Janissary Stomp Traveling Medicine Show:

"Step right up, friends, and partake of our nostrums, lotions, potions, and powders! View the Pantheon of Instrumental Esoterica and the Aurophone Talking Machine, the Magical Voice of the Mediterranean Basin! The Prospectus For Investors in The Border Ruffians and Sand Mountain Hillbillies Upper Trigrissippi Colonial Development Corporation! The Senior Members of the Young Men's Oriental Association of Talpa Common Room, with a special magic-lantern-illustrated lecture (Gentlemen Only) by the Honorable Professor of Musicological Prestidigitation Landes; the premiere of a new epic narrative poem in hijaz mode by the Reverend Doctor Thompson, gentleman scholar of comparative religions (mystic-transport and serpentine glossolalia specialization), and author of the classic gustatory travelogue Pork Alternatives across the Muslim World! All yours for only 2-bits, one-fourth of a dollar, families admitted at a special reduction of costs! Final Behind the Turmeric Curtain ballyhoo (adults only) at 11pm, with raki, baklava, and exotic tobaccos complementary to the first 100 ticket-holders!

Step right up, and leave your inhibitions, expectations, and limitations behind!

We had just about as much fun in 72 hours as you can admit in a public forum.

Meanwhile, Mister Man found it more restful to sleep outside, curled up in the hose. Thanks to Chipper for the "Fuzzy People" appellation.

Pictures below the jump.

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