Tuesday, October 16, 2007

rt + sngk + shp: Fun with transitive verbs

Hopelessly brief and hurried snark-hit, in lieu of time-enough to write something:

NOUN: 1a. Any of various long-tailed rodents resembling mice but larger, especially one of the genus Rattus. b. Any of various animals similar to one of these long-tailed rodents. 2. Slang a. A despicable person, especially one who betrays or informs upon associates.

NOUN: 1a. A vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation. b. A sailing vessel having three or more square-rigged masts. 2. An aircraft or spacecraft. 3. The crew of one of these vessels. 4. One's fortune: When my ship comes in, I'll move to a larger house.

INTRANSITIVE VERB: 1. To descend to the bottom; submerge. 2a. To fall or drop to a lower level, especially to go down slowly or in stages: The water in the lake sank several feet during the long, dry summer. b. To subside or settle gradually, as a massive or weighty structure. 3. To appear to move downward, as the sun or moon in setting. 4. To slope downward; incline.

from bartleby.com

"rat(s)" (pl.) + "sink" + "ship" + "[]" (you supply the transitive verb) =

From CNN:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison will not seek re-election after her current Senate term and may leave before her term ends in 2012 to run for Texas governor, a spokesman for the senator says.
I'll bet the Honorable Hair-do is quakin' and shakin' right about now.

Pass the popcorn!

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