Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fuzzy people 20 (Athena edition #02)

A pair of burrowing owls adjacent to the TTU Art Museum. When I moved to get more of a close-up, the male (on the left) flew up, but the female scurried down into the burrow, looking at me over the rim. Probably got some young 'uns down there. A colleague confirms that they often take over prairie-dog holes. Cute little fellers.

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Kim Pineda said...

On one of our birding trips to Umtanum in the Yakima River Canyon (http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/birds/chekbird/r1/yakinfo.htm) we encountered a nest belonging to Mr. & Mrs. Cooper's Hawk and their chicks. How did we learn it was a Cooper's Hawk? Because after MCAT saw the nest she saw the head of Mrs. CH and some fluffy feathers of the chicks and then I got BUZZED by Mr. Cooper's Hawk, about 4 ft above my head. Then he glared and squawked at us from an adjacent tree so we left and told the novice bird dweebs who came up behind us that we didn't see anything, to ensure they didn't disrupt them more than we already did.