Friday, October 12, 2007

"The Office" (Workstation series) 54 (landscape edition)

Blogging light today. Trying to take advantage of the newly-minted "Fall Break": really, just a way to rationalize giving the kids the three-day weekend they're going to take--physically or mentally--for the football match with the arch-enemies down the road.

Around here, the boosters--mostly a corrupt bunch of promoters, advertisers, real-estate developers, and good ole boys who've controlled economics in this town for at least the past 40 years--have coined a slogan which attempts to turn the sow's ear of the landscape (flat as a griddle and about as topographically interesting) into a silk purse. The slogan reads:

"Lubbock has more sky."
Or, more clumsily but more accurately,
"Lubbock's landscape is in the sky."
Which is mostly bullshit designed to elide the above topographical reality. But on some days you've got to admit the accuracy of the bullshit slogan.

Yesterday was one.


Late afternoon:

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