Wednesday, February 08, 2006

to CNN

I am deeply disappointed by Senior Analyst (sic) Jeff Greenfield's comments regarding the remarks by President Carter and Reverend Lowery at the Coretta Scott King funeral. Perhaps Mr Greenfield is unaware that it is solidly and appropriately within the tradition of African-American oration for a minister speaking at a funeral to address, not only the deceased person's life, but also their beliefs and their convictions about what "remains to be done." Reverend Lowery in particular acted very much in the spirit of both Dr and Mrs King when he "spoke truth to power." Perhaps Mr Greenfield has forgotten that the first duty of a minister is to defend his flock, which is precisely what Reverend Lowery did.

It was formerly also the case that journalists were expected to speak on behalf of the public and the disenfranchised, but Mr Greenfield has long since forfeited any claim to such a noble calling, in favor of shilling for the Washington power elite. I wonder if he misses his lost journalistic integrity?


Dr Coyote

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