Friday, February 24, 2006

Get away from my alma mater, you hateful harpy

To the President and Trustees of Indiana University:

As an alumnus of IUB (2000) I am appalled and disgusted by the University's provision of a platform at the IU Auditorium for the rabble-rousing hate speech of Ann Coulter. This was not and is not a free-speech issue: this was hate speech inciting violence.

The President, Trustees, Union Board, and Campus Republicans have shamed themselves by permitting this event to go forward. I am disgusted that the stage on which I was privileged to witness so many great performances has been defiled by Ms Coulter's cheap, theatrical demagogics.

I am proud of the education I received at Indiana and have backed up that pride with donations. But I will never do it again until the University issues an acknowledgement, over the President's signature, that Ms Coulter's appearance on the IU Campus was a dreadful, shameful mistake for which the President, Trustees, Union Board, and Campus Republicans owe the entire IU community, past and present, their deepest apologies.


Dr Coyote

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