Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shh....don't tell anyone

Since 7:30 this morning, I've written one and delivered two lectures (in one of which I played tunes and talked while my students danced and sang, and in the other of which I spent 80 minutes talking about African aesthetics, social values, religion, and music as they were transformed in the New World), given two consultations to grad students, led an ensemble rehearsal, practiced for a couple of hours, watched the Mavs stomp the Bulls (sigh...wish it was still the MJ/Scottie/Rodman combination), written comments for 80+ student proposals which my Stunningly Brilliant TA's had prepared the ground for, and at 12:14 am writing this final post to articulate, once again (after working as a carpenter, oilfield mechanic, guitar teacher, data-entry tech, janitor, grocery-store clerk, bookstore manager, bouncer, guitar studio manager, university gymnasium security) that This Sure Beats Working.

Damn. Extra "Thank-you" prayers tonight.

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