Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Holy Hobart!"

Or should I say, "Holy shit, Hobart!"

I've heard bits and pieces of Hobart Smith's music over the years, and have always cherished Eric von Schmidt's and Jim Rooney's heartfelt testimonial to the man in their wonderful reminiscence of the Cambridge folk years, Baby Let Me Follow You Down.

But I've recently got my hands on the Lomax "Portraits Series" compilation of Hobart's banjo, fiddle, guitar, and piano music, and it's flat flipping mind-bending, scary virtuosity.

Holy crap!

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TDH said...

Wow. "Holy crap" is right. This is great stuff; thanks for posting it. I just happened to have an iTunes gift card waiting to be used, and I ended up buying two albums from the Portrait Series, Volume 1 and Blue Ridge Legacy.