Friday, January 23, 2009

How you know when you need a break

When you realize that for the past few weeks, you've been slamming down the free pints at the weekly gig specifically in order to drown out your anger at the noisy disinterested losers sitting at the bar.

Even the free booze isn't worth that.


jayce said...

Just remember that there are a few, however few, who look to certain nights of the week as "refuge" -- when they can go slam a few pints themselves, hear some damn good Irish music, and for a few hours make everything seem right.

I know it's not much, but... well... cheers to you, friend.

CJS said...

I know, I know that. And that's why night-after-night, week-after-week, for eight years (and for at least 15 before, elsewhere), we suck it up and go play the music even when we don't want to. But--sometimes you're just so burnt out that you think "maybe some other people could use the break too."

Thanks for the support.

jayce said...

No worries. I get it.. and I'm glad you all took a well-deserved break.

I know you know this... just want to emphasize that despite the "lost" ones at the bar, what you do is important and appreciated.

You all make a difference... every time... whether it is obvious or not. And wherever you go, that will always be the case.