Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 14 (round III) "In the trenches" (random-things edition)

In re/ the "25 random things about me" meme that is going around the Intertubes (Facebook hegemony subdivision) right now, it's not something I'm particularly interested in constructing myself--I figure that writing a daily blog provides quite enough of Dr Coyote's news 'n' opinion. Moreover, I am reasonably middlin' certain that if I were to participate, not just first the "first 25 random things" but probably the "first 50 or more random things" that occurred to me would be things I don't like about myself...and I figure there is no point in subjecting either Facebook friends or my (modest) blog audience to a tiresome recitation of my own self-critical neurosis.

So, an alternate meme: 3 intentional things I love about my blogging brothers & sisters. Note to those I miss: it's not that I don't love you! But it might be because (a) I've forgotten you (so ding me with a reminder!) or (b) you don't have a blog--in which case, get with the program, get you a blog, and start getting your idiosyncratic opinions out there like all the rest of us lunatics yelling at the tops of our lungs in the virtual marketplace.

Dharmonia, the other half of my brain (the compassionate one):

  1. for her kindness and empathy toward others. I would do (and have done) well to continue to learn this from her.
  2. for her sense of humor ("The wheel of a healthy relationship: Food, sex, and havin' a laugh")
  3. for her musicianship. Still gives me goosebumps when she sings.
  4. (redacted--this is a *family* blog, after all!)
Quantzalcoatl, my swarthy alter ego; very much where I'd be if I'd bailed (with even less just cause than he) from Indiana all those times I thought about it. Welcome back into the ring, mijo!
  1. for his combat sense, so complementary to my own. The one person I'd want at my back in a dark alley.
  2. for his rock-solid musicianship; he will never, ever, ever fold in concert.
  3. for his leadership ability, both innate and acquired. I continue to learn from observing this in him.
DAS, Elder Brother. Probably the highest IQ and most potent raw analytical ability of anybody I've ever met, though Tom Mathiesen gives him a run for his money. Now using 30 years of expertise in the housing industry to facilitate affordable homes and clean water for poor people around the globe.
  1. for flat fucking brainpower. My students scoff when I say, "No, really, my brother is very very much smarter than I", "Yeah, right, Dr Coyote! Surrreee!", "No, really, you really don't understand how much smarter he is"; it's like they can't (or don't want) to believe it. But I am humbled--and would be envious, if it's possible to "envy" a natural phenomenon like Mt Rainier or Old Faithful.
  2. for his calm kindness to our eldest, now infirm relations; hyper-conscious of the past, I do not display nearly as much focus or equanimity.
  3. his generosity about material wealth. As he puts it, when making things financially possible for others: "that's what it's for."
The Rev, who I would have fantasized about being if only I'd grown up in the backwoods South instead of the suburban bourgeois North.
  1. for his SOUND, goddammit! Why couldn't I have been born with that voice?!?
  2. for his visual artistry. Like me, he grew up with an artist for a parent--unlike me, he actually got, and used, the visual talent.
  3. for his sense of pace. He's about as far from being a workaholic as I am one--but he still gets a hell of a lot of high-quality shit done.
Mac, senior student, prized mentee.
  1. for the courage she found to stop being one kind of musician and become another.
  2. for her self-discipline and sense of focus--though I could wish she would take a break now and again.
  3. for her unflinching willingness to "get stuck in." When asked to undertake something, she says "yes." And then does it.
Ricochet Dreamer, senior student, early Dr Coyote success story. Now reproducing, which can only enhance the amount of positive energy in the world.
  1. for her huge, planets-finally-coming-into-alignment success at integrating diverse interests and aptitudes into a full life.
  2. for the elegance of her writing.
  3. for her commitment to a professional life that reflects personal ideals.
Taiyo, cherished baby sister, now finding her way on her own.
  1. for her positive intent toward the good.
  2. for her curiousity and receptivity.
  3. for her generosity to friends.
TDH, admired senior student; musician; warrior. She thinks she needs more mentoring--and more catchup work--than she actually does.
  1. for her musicianship.
  2. for her capacity for self-reflection.
  3. for her commitment to the well-being of the world's fuzzy peoples.
elissa_dear, a delight; who has given us the great privilege of helping somebody become who they already are.
  1. for her clear-eyed recognition of how lucky we are to love what we do.
  2. for her joy in the odd nooks and crannies of history.
  3. for her dedication to friends.
wheeky_cavy, learning to let go of hiding her light under a bushel, and glad we are to see it.
  1. for the breadth and range of her artistic talents: instrumental music, song, design, multi-media.
  2. for the open and articulate nature of her writing.
  3. for her discretion--her ability to have strong and considered opinions without feeling the need to shout them in anyone's face.
These are all remarkable people. You should read what they have to say.

Below the jump: "Why Paddy (was) not at work today." Though I will say I am amused by all the kiddos screaming on Facebook about how much they want or are praying for or completing voodoo spells on behalf of a weather cancellation. The last fucking thing I want is a "snow day"--hell, that just means I have to catch up with my own work and that of my staff. Let's get back to work!

[OK, now I feel bad: just saw, out my window, somebody on a bicycle take a hell of a spill--cops, ambulances, the whole nine yards. But, still, that late start, or cancelled classes, cost both faculty and staff--and for that matter students--a hell of a lot of time, money, and effort. Might be nice if the city/campus just put a small fraction of that money, time, and effort into PROPER SNOW REMOVAL! That way, they *neither* have to cancel classes NOR bandage up some poor person who's taken a header on their inadequately-remediated public thoroughfares.]


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Made me tear up a little bit.

I love our little blogging community and I agree that all the people you mentioned are remarkable.