Friday, November 07, 2008

Why? Because.


Because I'm a teacher.

Because I'm a historian.

Because I'm an artist.

Because I'm a community activist, Governor.

Because I'm a poet.

Because I'm a Buddhist.

Because I put my faith in compassion, not anger;

In love, not fear;

In hope, not death;

In peace, not war.;

In tolerance, not condemnation;

In inclusion, not division;

In wisdom, not ignorance;

In acceptance, not hatred;

In COMPETENCE, not ideology, Junior;

In participation, not passivity;

In progress, not regression;

In effort, not privilege;

In acceptance, not rejection;

In the mathematical reality of a diverse nation, not “teh Math” of Karl Rove.

"Because, little Princess, Allah cherishes Infinite Diversity."

Because of my students.

Because of my nephews.

Because of my brothers and sisters across the universe.

Because of 400 years.

Because of Emmett Till.

Because of our poor, neglected, crying-out planet.

Because of death and suffering that doesn't have to be.

Because I don't have many years left on this earth.

Because others will have to follow after us and the shit we created.

Because others came before us: Joe Hill. Gene Debs. Big Bill Haywood. Emma Goldman. The Rebel Girl. Malcolm. Mother Jones. Blind Willie Johnson. Shinryu Suzuki-Roshi. Gerrard Winstanley. Nelson Mandela. Stephen Biko. Frederick Douglass. Anne Hutchinson. Henry Johnson. Black Elk. Woody Guthrie. Johnny Appleseed.



That's why.

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