Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Heat of the moment/lazy-meme blogging

Too wired & fried with the "day that's in it" to post thoughtful stuff, so I'll cop this meme from over at Dean Dad's:

The “Favorites” Meme

1.Political show - Colbert Report. I like Olbermann's ferocity and sense of disdain, but I would not even think of trying to derive any serious political insight from any television source--that's not the purpose of the medium's existence. When they have on CNN in the radio station's studio during the bi-annual pledge drive, I'm driven to such fury that I forget to pitch.

2. Picnic food – Probably, whatever I cooked myself: I make a badass hummus, veggie chili, cornbread, etc.

3. Mixed drink – gin & tonic: whatever craft-distilled gin (am currently a fan of Amsterdam) hasn't yet been picked up by greasy little yuppies as their pretence-of-the-moment. The small craft distillations being made in TX are actually excellent.

4. U.S. President – Tossup. Jefferson for his intellect and philosophical acumen, Lincoln for his courage (physical and moral), FDR for his focus, Carter for his retirement.

5. Kind of student to teach -- Dedicated.

6. Hobby you do or wish you still did – Northern Shaolin Five Animals style. I miss combat.

7. Sports commentator – Oy. My elder brother's the only competent one I've ever heard/read.

8. Sport to watch on TV – NBA I'm paying attention, NFL if I'm half paying attention. I still love to watch competent martial artists

9. Animal to have as a pet – Any that will have me. Grew up with dogs, but cats make better sense given my travel schedule. In a pinch, would love to live in a world in which no animals had to die as a result of human intervention. Failing that, work like a navvy for PETA, World Wildlife Trust, no-kill shelters.

10. Halloween costume you have worn – as a child: Patrick McGoohan as the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh. As an adolescent: Alex-the-Droog from Clockwork Orange. Only one as an adult: "V" from Vendetta ("People shouldn't fear their governments...").

11. Kind of dessert – Uhhhh...not much of a dessert fan. Does hot whiskey (1 dram whiskey, lemon, sugar, in a tumbler with hot water) count?

12. Comic strip – Calvin and Hobbes.

13. Style or make of footwear – Don't like shoes. My ancestors wouldn't even wear pants.

14. Ice cream flavor - See #11.

15. College or university president – Well, how about "Regime change begins at home"?

16. Internet news source – Usual suspects for a DFH liberal college professor: dailykos.com, talkingpointsmemo.com, openleft.com (Stoller and Bower are my heroes).

17. Vacation spot – always, and ever, Eire. "My heart's tonight in Ireland/In the sweet County Clare."

18. Wine – Chilean, Ozzie, or Spanish reds. Also really partial to a nice white you can get in Vienna called Grune Weltliner.

19. Way to waste time instead of working – Reading on the damned Internet.

20. Student excuse for late work -- Don't have any favorites...only least favorites.

21. Reality show – Fuggedabout it. Politics and live sports are the best reality shows ever invented.

22. Jewelry on a man – Piercings and ink--that's me.

23. Pizza topping – Like a nice Tuscan pie: heavy on the garlic, artichoke, onion, maybe Kalamata, goat cheese; light or absent tomato sauce.

24. Children's movie – School of Rock.

25. Celebrity you wish would retire -- Sarah Fucking Palin!

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