Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fuzzy people 45 (?)

No comment seems necessary:

You Are an American Bulldog

You are a very imposing, powerful creature... but deep down, you're generally good natured.

You are incredibly energetic, and you like to blow off steam with sports and horsing around.

You are naturally courageous. You would run into a burning building to save someone you loved.

You intimidate people without trying to. Some people assume the worst of you when they first meet you.


Dharmonia said...

Well, I took the quiz and I appear to be a middle-aged and slightly overweight beagle, but at least I'm friendly.

tdh said...

Apparently I'm a Boxer. Strong-willed and powerful, yet destructive. hmmm....

sunshine said...

say hello to the labrador retriever. apparently i am very excited about life. maybe after this semester.