Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A nation once again

Corey Booker (NJ), who defeated Sharpe James, is on MSNBC right now talking about celebrating the diversity and the wonderful multi-ethnic "deliciousness" of our nation. That is the vision of the nation I believe the Founding Fathers intended. That is the nation that I and the people I love live in.

Here's an anthem for my people and their role in the magnificent, unique, crazy-quilt diversity of OUR America:


When boyhood's fire was in my blood
I read of ancient freemen,
For Greece and Rome who bravely stood,
Three hundred men and three men;
And then I prayed I yet might see
Our fetters rent in twain,
And Ireland. long a province, be
A Nation once again!

Cho: A nation once again,
A nation once again,
And Ireland, long a province, be
A Nation once again!

And from that time, through wildest woe,
That hope has shown a far light,
Nor could love's brightest summer glow
Outshine that solemn starlight;
It seemed to watch above my head
In forum, field and fame,
Its angel voice sang round my bed,
A Nation once again.

It whisper'd too, that freedom's ark,
And service high and holy,
Would be profaned by feeling dark
And passions vain or lowly;
For, Freedom comes from God's right hand,
And needs a godly train;
And righteous men must make our land
A nation once again!

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ellamenno said...

I was Alex the Droogie for Halloween once, too! It was my first year at Berkeley. All my girlfriends were in lingerie and animal ears. I couldn't understand why they all hooked up with boys but I went home alone...Liz