Thursday, March 06, 2008

Day 40 "In the trenches" (Cancellation edition)

On the road again, to another gathering of another tribe. I got involved with this one about four year ago, when I decided I wanted to build more of a scholarly presence for the Irish/Celtic side of my research interests, complementing the African-American stuff I'd done in my dissertation (and which I've now revived with the minstrelsy project). I like this conference a lot, because it's cross-disciplinary (literature, history, film, popular culture, music, etc), and so it's a kind of immersion experience in the current state of research on Irish studies....

Began the above at 10:20am. Returning 8:22pm. Between, had 1 50-minute flight, 2 hours sitting at DFW, canceled flight, three hours standing outside in the freezing blizzard while being lied to about a shuttle that was "coming in 15 minutes" (and seeing the suffering old folks and new moms with infants freezing outside waiting for the same mythical shuttle made me homicidal), finally got into a hotel room all the way across the Metroplex from the airport I need, and am now waiting 90 minutes for an overpriced delivery pizza because there is nothing within walking distance. I'll get up in about 6 hours to pay exorbitant cab fees all the way back across town in order to spend at least an hour transiting security in order to make a 7:10am flight that'll put me in Savannah by a little after 12noon...

...20 hours later than I was supposed to be there.

I fuckin' hate American airlines. I shoulda stayed home.

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