Sunday, March 16, 2008


Watching the re-broadcast of PBS's The Appalachians. The commentary is, entirely too much, hot-aired bullshit (John O'Brien, where the fuck do you get the right to make stupid sweeping generalizations like "the Scotch-Irish were the best fighters"?!?)--riddled with the stupid implicitly white-supremacist bullshit of Grady McWhinney and the Cracker Culture.

But the music is stunning. And staggering. And eloquent in all the ways that the be-suited talking-heads trying to sound "down-home" are not.

If I stay in this continent, rather than bailing on the greed, ignorance, sloth, and just flat wrongness of so much of this modern American culture, the last tie that will keep me here is a sense of pride in being part of the lineage of American music.

Any more, that's about all.

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